YUZET Reinforced Tarpaulins have many advantages over competitor material ( traditional PE film ) and other fabrics.

Most of our competitor tarpaulins use woven material, this is made using a central mesh that cuts initial production costs and produces heavier fabric. The woven mesh layer is the covered by a thin layer of Polyethylene. The woven centre is what manufacturers reference to make their claims of strength based on the heavier weight. None of these have a long life span and several weak points are exposed over a short period of time.

Why are Yuzet Re-inforced Tarpaulins “best in class”

The majority of tarpaulins are folded around the edges and then sewn which creates holes in the fabric and results in tears. Glue is also used to seal the edges which breaks down in a reasonably short time.

Yuzet Re-inforced Tarpaulins edges are folded then fusion welded by machine resulting in significantly stronger joints / seama and a very strong 100% waterproof fabric.

Competitor tarpaulins use Metal eyelets for tarps/covers are made by piercing the fabric with metal blades and then adding a metal or aluminium ring. These cuts are a weak point and will tear under minimal stress.

Yuzet Re-inforced Tarpaulins eyelets are ultrasonically welded and super strong. There is no need to cut the film for metal rings / grommets.

Competitor Tarpaulins have UV protection painted or sprayed on most products of this type and is not a bonded part of the material. This diminishes in a short lifespan.

Yuzet Re-inforced Tarpaulins combine UV protection and stabilizers as an integral part of the raw compound to ensure the film lasts for the life of the product.

Key Advantages

  • TESTED for Outdoor Weathering to DIN EN ISO 4892-3
  • Resists All Weather Conditions remaining flexible in very cold and hot temperatures.
  • Not subject to cracking issues usually associated with Tarpaulins
  • Patented film
  • No other fabric comes close to matching the durability of Yuzet Re-inforced Tarpaulins
  • Test report download

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A Blue tarpaulin being used to protect and cover wood by Yuzet®.

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Clear tarpaulin layed out on gravel..
Two boys using a camouflage tarpaulin as a play shelter by Yuzet®.
A technical drawing of construction of a tarpaulin.

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