Tarpaulins Lots of cover for Gardeners and Builders

Yuzet® Tarpaulins are sold all over the world in various widths, weights and colours. Each region is very different and we can accommodate most enquiries quickly and efficiently.

Yuzet® tarpaulins are constructed with an HDPE base and LDPE coating on both sides. All four sides are folded with a hem, inside is a polypropylene rope and eyelet. For large retailers we can produce the finished goods in attractive shelf cartons, or for our wholesalers in bale packing to utilise space.

What types are available

Polyethylene Tarpaulins are the most common product we produce, these are the type you will see on building sites , in hardware stores amongst numerous other places. These can be any colour & any size. We even produce camouflage.

Clear Tarpaulins A hardy, light 120GSM clear tarpaulin cover for a whole host of applications. Ideal as a roof on a temporary structure or market stall. Letting in far more light than other clear tarpaulins and providing an ideal cover in all weather conditions.

PVC tarpaulins are more specific and used where custom made requirements need to be fulfilled. More Durable and extremely heavy these are primarily aimed at more permanent applications.

Canvas Tarpaulins are widely used in the transport & shipping industry are quite bespoke and used because of how robust and heavy duty they are.

Applications for Yuzet® Tarpaulins

Temporary waterproofing of Storm Damage , Truck Covers, Trailer Covers, Market Stall Covers, Temporary Roofs, Ground sheets, Outdoor Covering, there are genuinely 1000s of applications.


Any colours available including printed camouflage design
Bale Packing or Retail Carton Packing, Each sheet has colour retail insert
Mesh Weave
7x7, 8x8, 10x8, 10x10, 12x12, 14x14, 16x16
Any sizes are available, most common by region being;
Europe – 2.4m x 3m, 3.6m x 5.4m. 5.4m x 7.2m
USA - 6ft x 8ft, 10ft x 12ft, 20ft x 30ft
Fabric Quality (gsm)
62, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 170, 180, 190, 200, 210, 230, 250, 300 - (grammes per square metre)
Finishing Options
Plastic corners, Brass Grommets, Plastic Corner Patch Reinforcement, Black Scrim, Aluminium Grommet. Each Polyethylene cover is re-inforced with rope hems for durability

Where to buy


Trade Mart

Weedfabric Direct

Ireland / Eire

Tarpaulin Factory


Shade Cloth World





A Blue tarpaulin being used to protect and cover wood by Yuzet®.

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Clear tarpaulin layed out on gravel..
Two boys using a camouflage tarpaulin as a play shelter by Yuzet®.
A technical drawing of construction of a tarpaulin.

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