Silt Fence Economical Fencing solution.

There are multiple uses for yuzet silt fence, the main industries being forestry and farming.

These areas are typically exposed to disturbed ground that’s quite vulnerable to weather erosion. This causes silt run offs and site debris causing significant harm and environmental issues. This can also help your business avoid costly fines.

What is a silt fence?

Yuzet Silt Fence offers a proven solution , its very economical, practical to work with and quite an effective method in reducing stormwater. The fabric helps trap harmful slit through settlement and filtration allowing the water to pass but silt to stay. SEPA ( Pollution and Prevention Guidelines (PPG5) now advise the use of silt fences to reduce silt transport from eposed stock piles and groundworks

Key Features

Woven yuzet silt fence is a high tensile , high burst strength premium UV stabilised product. Our product has a unique green tape to identify the product from other brands.

Correct set up ( using stakes ) is appropriate and we can give advice where required. Site visits are also possible.

Sizes available

  • 1m x 100m
  • 1m x 200m

Black Silt Fence by Yuzet®.
An Orange Silt Fence

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Silt Fence by Yuzet®.

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