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Yuzet® Yuzet have been producing two types of covers for a number of years in various guises. We produce a standard range for retail that encompasses most popular garden furniture sizes, all nicely packed to attract consumers to purchase.

These are produce in polyethylene material and finished with stitched seams and fixings.

The other market we supply is growing particularly fast, with the increasing styles of garden furniture available our custom size covers have increased significantly. Our factory has produced covers for Formula 1 teams, hotel chains, and one off bespoke types for clients all over the world.

We can offer any colour, print , polyester, non woven, PVC fabrics , you name it Yuzet truly has you covered.

What Garden Covers are available

For our burgeoning list of retail clients our range is comprehensive

  • Rotary Line Cover - H 155cm x W 28cm
  • Large Parasol Cover - H 160cm x 24cm
  • Jumbo Parasol Cover - H 190cm x W43cm
  • Kettle Barbecue Cover - H 56cm x W75cm
  • Large Barbecue Cover - H 90cm x W110cm , x D 40cm
  • Extra Large Barbecue Cover - H 76cm x W122cm x D 71cm
  • Chiminea Cover - H 100cm x Top 37cm x Bottom 60cm
  • Stacking Chair Cover - H 120cm x W 64cm x D64cm
  • Sunbed Cover - H 74cm x 2-2cm x D67cm
  • Companion Seat Cover - H 83cm x W 158cm x D66cm
  • Bench Cover ( 2 seat ) - H 97cm x W 132cm x D 68cm
  • Bench Cover ( 3 seat ) - H 97cm x W132cm x D68cm
  • 2 seat Hammock Cover - H 175cm x W202cm x D108cm
  • 3 seat Hammock Cover - H 168cm x W125cm x D124cm
  • Table Cover - H 69cm x W 203cm x D102cm
  • Bistro Patio Cover - H 90cm x W 150cm x D 80cm
  • Small Round Patio Cover - H 94cm x Diameter 140cm
  • Medium Round Patio Cover - H 98cm x Diameter 184cm
  • Medium Oval Patio Set Cover - H 95cm x W208cm x D 191cm
  • Large Round Patio Set Cover - H 98cm x Diameter 225cm
  • Large Oval Patio Set Cover - H 106cm x W278cm x D204cm


Green Polyethylene Fabric.
130 grammes per square meter
Tear Resistant, Wipe clean surface, Protects from dew, rain and dust
Finishing Options
Comes with eyelets & cord ties or toggles

Our custom product range

Yuzet offers our clients a bespoke service second to none. We produce any cover , any size in any material, just send over your drawing and we’ll produce the perfect cover to fit application.

Some of the materials we produce custom covers in

  • Woven polyester with PVC Backing
  • Breathable Non Woven ( Hot Climates )
  • Polypropylene
  • PVC Backed Polyester
  • Clear Extruded

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A Blue tarpaulin being used to protect and cover wood by Yuzet®.

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A technical drawing of construction of a tarpaulin.
Two boys using a camouflage tarpaulin as a play shelter by Yuzet®.

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